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i’m back! (for a bit)

Dear All,

Sorry I’ve been missing for a while — third year medical school was a whirlwind, and then I took a research year off where I started working on starting a non-profit and other activities.   Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and to hope writing to you soon!  I’ve been slow about getting back to your questions — I am very sorry about that.  Please e-mail me at unitedstatesmedicalstudent@gmail.com for any pressing questions.  Thank you!  Jeff


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Follow up to Omega-3’s

Hi All!

This is a quick note, so, poorly written, but I’ve been looking up the safety of fish,and I think the take home message seems to be that lots of fish are unsafe — unfortunately.Marion Nestle’s book, What To Eat, talks about this in detail.  She reports that a studycame out in Science (2004) which looked at the PCB levels of 700 samples of salmon from all over the world.  

Salmon is typically known as one of the safest fish out there, and one of the mostnutritious.  Unfortunately, this report found that these salmon all were contaminatedwith unsafe levels of PCBs.  Only salmon from Chile and Washington State were deemedacceptable.  Fish from everywhere else?  The study found those other salmon simply had unacceptable levels of PCBs.   

Moral of the story?  It seems like this would be an argument whyone would want to use fish oil supplements — from a good brand which has taken outall the dioxins, PCBs and methylmercury.   Only five brands — omegabrite,nordic naturals, olay, vitamin shoppe and coromega have allowed themselves to be independentlytested for dioxins, PCBs and methylmercury (source: www.consumerlabs.com).These are just drafts of thoughts, so more on this later — but I wanted to just let you all about this sooner, as opposed to later.



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Hey I’m Back!

Dear All,

 I’ve decided to try to blog “like crazy”.  So some of my posts will be more serious, and others just notes.  Perhaps many will be unfinished thoughts — others, actual pieces (well, attempts at pieces).  Anyhow, I’m going to start a section called, Youtube Summary, which will have a little more written description of what I’m talking about on Youtube.  The other sections will be “medical school” and “health news.”  I hope you enjoy!  We’ll see how this goes after four years 🙂


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