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        Dear All,         

I’m a first year medical student in Boston.  Every day, I’m learning exciting and critical topics on medicine and health. But too often, the things I’m learning about never reach the public.         

I wanted to try an experiment — sharing health information on Youtube and on this blog, with the sole purpose of trying to get more important health information to you all.  

Unlike some health posts or videos you may have run into, mine are not about promoting a diet, a pill, a brand or product.  In fact, this whole idea came about in part because I got frustrated with how much wrong information is out there.  I hope to answer your questions either through e-mail or through the video updates.   

Please message me any questions and I will try my best to answer them by asking my professors and by citing credible sources.         

Hopefully what will be unique about this blog is that I will cover topics in mainstream medicine — surgical errors, drugs, nutrition — as well as those considered in the complementary or alternative medicine sphere — such as herbs and acupuncture.  But regardless of what type of medicine I will write about, you can always be sure I will post the references of the studies I refer to, and you can be sure I will use studies from the top medical journals, such as JAMA, New England Journal of Medicine, Annals of Internal Medicine, Americal Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  I will try to point out things our medical professors have taught us to recognize — such as the fact that even studies in the best journals can be deeply flawed.  In short, I’m going to try to give you news that you won’t hear elsewhere — this will not be a blog about how you should all get the flu vaccine.        

I hope this experiment works — and if it fails, I hope someone sees the videos and the blog and, says, “hmmm, this is bad stuff, but I love the idea,” and decides to go for it. 



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